ways to save money

Want to be in a better financial position?  Want to save money, but don’t know where to start?  Here are 25 simple ways you can start to save money today.

  1. Create a budget, track it daily and stick to it
  2. Spend Cash only, don’t use credit or debit cards
  3. Use the library or library app instead of buying books
  4. Cook your meals at home
  5. If you don’t know how to cook, learn from a friend or find easy recipes online
  6. Pack your lunch
  7. Keep snacks in your desk drawer instead of visiting the vending machine
  8. Buy a travel mug and make your own coffee at home
  9. Visit yard sales
  10. Shop at thrift stores
  11. Shop your auto / home insurance around for a better deal
  12. Automate your savings
  13. Use a grocery list and stick to it
  14. Plan meals ahead of time
  15. Plant a garden
  16. Sell your clutter online or have a yard sale
  17. Use coupons – some stores have online coupons if you use their apps
  18. Get rid of expensive cable TV
  19. Have a family movie night-in rather than going to the theater
  20. Plan ahead and holiday shop early
  21. If you get an increase in salary, put the extra into savings
  22. Save loose change in one spot
  23. Get rid of your gym membership and work out at home to online videos
  24. Check your bank account daily and avoid overdraft fees
  25. Remove the overdraft option from your checking account altogether

Managing money and achieving financial security may seem like an obstacle course. But the rewards of successful savings makes it worth it. With these 25 money-saving tips in mind, you’ll be better-equipped to make progress on your financial journey. All it takes is a plan, dedication, and the knowledge to make it work. With these suggestions in your back pocket, you can make sure your savings goals are met.

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