Money saving tips and free activities for the spring and summer

In today’s post we are going to highlight some of the ways to save money this Spring and Summer. We will also be listing some free activities that are fun to do in the Spring and Summer as well!

Ride your bike: Bike riding is cheaper than paying for gas or for public transportation. It’s a bonus that it’s a great workout too!

Planting a Garden: You have to spend a little initially to buy gardening tools and seeds, but the return on your investment is huge! You’ll save money on groceries all summer long.

Cancel Your Gym Membership: If you’re a runner, walker or biker then the nice spring and summer months are the best time to cancel your gym membership. Exercising outside is enjoyable and saves you money!

Free Spring and Summer Activities:

  • Visit a public park
  • Go for a hike
  • Free concerts
  • Go to a beach (If you have one nearby)

We hope these suggestions and activities help you have an awesome Spring and Summer!

Saving more and spending less in 2021

If your New Years’ resolution was to save more money, then hopefully you’re off to a great start! However, If you’re struggling, here are some great suggestions on how to stay in the green this year.

Lower Your Utilities: Utility bills can start to add up in 2021. One way to reduce it is by replacing your light bulbs with LED bulbs. More on that here.

Buy Store Brand: Store brand products can potentially save you up to 30% off, and that is without using coupons. Pair those two together and you’ll be saving lots of money at the grocery store! It also helps when you buy in bulk. If you have the space, buying larger packages of goods or supplies can reduce the overall long term price.

Go Paperless: Lots of places where you may have bills offer a discount for you to pay online and receive paperless statements. With all the bills life throws at us, any additional discount helps.

Group Cell Phone Plan: Sharing a cell phone plan with roommates, friends or family can make everyone’s cell phone bill cheaper.

TV Re-evaluation: Maybe it’s time to take a look at those streaming packages and cable. Are you really using all those channels and providers? If not, see where you can downgrade or perhaps even cancel.

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