Everyone loves money saving tips. In situations where your budget is getting tighter, it may be critical for you to take steps to reduce what you’re spending overall. Even if you monitor your spending and keep track of every purchase, it helps to have a few simple, effective tips to help you save wherever you can.

Top Money Saving Websites

There are some websites that are fantastic at money saving tips and strategies for reducing what you’re spending money on. These often include tips that you haven’t thought of but can implement into your daily life. If you want to get more out of your money, consider making the following websites your go-to locations to read each day.

#1: Rakuten

One of the ways Rakuten helps consumers is by providing discount codes, coupons, and other savings opportunities. If you know you need to make a purchase at a specific retailer, your first step should be to visit the Rakuten website. When you do, you can search for that retailer and find out if there are any discounts or other savings opportunities available. Sometimes, these savings can be as high as 40% off.

You can also use the site when you’re looking for a retailer that has the best price on a product you need. You don’t have to know where you plan to shop. Be sure to sign up for the browser extension, too. That way, any time you visit a website of a retailer with an available discount, the system picks it up for you and alerts you to that opportunity. There’s no cost to any of these services.

#2: Capital One Shopping

Capital One Shopping is a super easy to use tool. Just download it as a browser extension. When you do, it will provide you with ways to save as you go through your day, moving from one website to the next. You can also use the app when you are shopping at local stores. Pull up the code of a product you are looking for, and it will tell you how to save. It also helps you get loyalty credits and find trending deals.

#3: Ramsey Solutions

Even if you do not follow the Dave Ramsey method of reducing debt, the Ramsey Solutions website offers lots of information and insights into how to save money. There’s no cost to using it, but there are a lot of articles that offer ways to reduce your costs.

One of the key benefits is the list of free tools and resources for you to use. You can find ways to reduce your debt, get investing help, buy a home for less, and more.

#4: America Saves

Another excellent site for advice and guidance is America Saves. The website is designed to help encourage, teach, and manage online savings. With it, you may be able to learn real methods to reduce your debt and save money on everything you do throughout the day. One of the nice features of this website is that it offers a podcast that can provide an easy way for you to get some tips and develop some strategies without having to read a lot of content.

#5: Ibotta

The days of clipping coupons may be in your past (who has time to do that!) Many companies have realized that today’s consumers do not do paper coupons much anymore. Yet, they still want to encourage product purchases with discount offers. That’s where Ibotta comes in.

This website and app allow you to find digital coupons for many items you purchase daily. This is a good route to take if you are looking for ways to save money on things like groceries and clothing purchases. It links to over 300 retailers online and helps you to get cash in hand for the purchases that you make.

#6: AARP

For those who are older, especially those on a fixed budget, it may be critical to find ways to reduce your overall costs and spending. AARP offers a fantastic website to do this. One of the nice benefits of this website is that it also helps consumers to make better decisions about their spending, get advice on how to save, and reduce the risk of scams. They also often post articles on how to save money for a wide range of costs, such as this one. As an all-around informative tool for older Americans, it is an excellent resource for researched, high-quality content.

#7: KidsMealDeals.com

One of the most important ways to reduce costs is to reduce eating out. However, there are some reasons why you may want to enjoy a meal out every now and then. At KidsMealDeals.com, it is possible to learn about the various restaurants that offer free kid’s meals with the purchase of adult meals. You can download a simple-to-use app to help you find restaurants in your area (or use the website itself). It takes minutes, but when the need to enjoy a meal out happens, it’s nice to know which restaurants offer discounts on that day.

#8: Savings.com

For those looking for discounts at home improvement stores, savings on new phones, or even help reduce costs associated with travel, check out Savings.com. This is one of the best websites for money saving tips because it provides up to date information. The discounts and promo codes are all listed right on the site, so you can easily determine what the best offer for you is. For those who do a lot of purchasing, it helps to have a consistent way to monitor what’s available. This is a must-read site just about any time you plan to make a purchase.

#9: The Savvy Couple

What if you want to live a life that is more frugal? You want to find ways to reduce what you use and are spending while also making good decisions about money management. The Savvy Couple is a solid place to start. The website offers a lot of fantastic tips on how to reduce your everyday costs. Another nice feature about this website is that it offers ideas on side hustles and budgeting tools. You can even use their small business tools to help you to save money if you want to build your business. 

#10: The Penny Hoarder

Perhaps one of the biggest resources for articles for money saving tips is The Penny Hoarder. It is a helpful website that offers ways to save money on just about anything. Search for a topic that is important to you. Get ideas on how you can reduce what you are spending on the kids, travel, medical care, and school. You can also find articles to give you ideas on how to make money with a variety of financial incentives and ideas. There is also a lot of insight into saving money on home buying, taxes, bank accounts, and retirement.

Whether you want to save money on a specific purchase or want tips on how to create a budget that you can actually stick to, these websites offer the insight and support you need. Make sure you spend a bit of time reviewing these sites on a consistent basis for reliable help.

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